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Bologna is accessible by three different motorways, such as the A1 connecting Milan to Naples, the A13 connecting Bologna to Ferrara, Padua, Venice and Trieste, as well as the A14 connecting Bologna to Ravenna, Rimini, Ancona and Bari along the Adriatic coastline.

Bologna represents also one of the most pivotal nodes of the Italian railway, being accessible from Florence (37 min), Milan (65 min) and Rome (2 hrs and 22 min) via high-speed lines, as well as from Venice via a traditional line (1 hrs and 30 min).

"Guglielmo Marconi" International Airport
Bologna is finally connected to the most important Italian and European airports. Its "Guglielmo Marconi" International Airport (+39 051 6479615; from 5.00 am to 12.00 pm) is accessible by bus in 15 min from the Bologna downtown.

Bus & Public Transportation
COSEPURI +39 051 519090
COTABO +39 051 372727
CAT +39 051 4590

Participants to the Congress should take responsability for their own accommodation.
Nevertheless, hotel reservations can be made through the Organizing Agency 
MI&T that have negotiated special rates for the Congress participants.
Please check the list below for information and links useful for booking your accommodation.

Organizing Agency
viale Carducci 50, Bologna
ph. 051 220427
fax. 051 0822077